MTip - Features

The MTip incorporates a radical design change that pushes away from the traditional style of crutch tips. With the Mtip crutch tip, you now have multiple points of traction throughout the crutch walking gait. This leads to a more secure and comfortable movement of crutches.


Assistive Ergonomic Motion

The Mtip Crutch tip is a major design overhaul compared to a traditional crutch tip. By moving the pivoting point forward on the crutch tip, we were able to achieve a built-in assistive force! This means that when you initiate a movement, the crutch tips will now give some of that energy back to you. Your daily walk on crutches just got a whole lot easier.

The MTip - Up Close

Different than a traditional crutch tip, the Mtip crutch tips are made for all types of crutches. Forearm crutches, loftstrand crutches, underarm crutches or axillary crutches, all of the crutches can benefit from the Mtip crutch tips!


The MTip Crutch Tip - How it works.

Want to know a little more about how the MTips work? This is a brief video that shows the mechanics, science, and engineering of the MTip Crutch Tip. After numerous iterations of the MTip we have finally created what we believe is "The Best Crutch Tip in the WORLD!"

Brand Ambassador - Nikki Bradley

Stairs? What stairs? Nikki Bradley is on a mission and has been for many years now. Here she shows us how stair sprints are done on crutches! Most crutch user would be scared out of their minds when faced with a set of leafy, mossy stairs. Nikki Bradley makes it look easy with a 30-second accent with the Mtip crutch tips helping her stay balanced and slip-free. Learn more about Nikki Bradley


Clayton's MTip Experience.

Clayton is a graduate student in computer science who uses the MTip crutch tip to make his four-point crutch walking pattern more efficient.

Jonathan's MTip Experience.

Dr. Jonathan Gaines is a university professor in mechanical engineering who relies on crutches while teaching his students about robotics.