Freqently Asked Questions


I am not a long term crutch user, but use crutches short term, are the MTip crutch tips for me?

Absolutely! The MTip crutch tips are for anyone looking to increases the efficiency, stability, long term and ease of walking with crutches. MTip crutch tip users include those using crutch tips due to temporary in long-term disabilities.

What does the "M" in MTip crutch tip stand for?

Meo, our parent company ... or any other good “M” words like more magnificent, mobility, motion, and moving.

Specifically Speaking, why does the MTip crutch tip work the way it works?

The MTip crutch tip is able to produce assistive or helping forces during the crutch pivot due to the same reason a wheel rolls down a hill (Wait what?). However, instead of changing the height when rolling down a hill, we change the tip itself. That is, the ‘hill stays flat’ and the crutch tip changes shape. Given that an object (the MTip crutch tip in this case) rolls towards a decreasing radius, the MTip crutch tip will roll towards its smaller radius when the user steps on it. We have designed the MTip crutch tip shape and changing radius, specifically for the various crutch walking motions.


Can the Mtip crutch tips be added to any specific brand of crutches?

The MTip crutch tip was designed to be a direct replacement for any standard crutch tip. Please contact us if you have a very specific pair of crutches with different specifications

How do I install my MTip crutch tips?

The MTip crutch tips are installed just like any other crutch tips. However, please make sure to slide the crutch shaft all the way into the MTip crutch tip. Some crutches are a little thicker then others, so attaching the MTip crutch tip may take a little more force. A twisting motion of the crutch tip or crutches may make this a little easier. To double check if both crutch tips are attached equally, simply compare the standing height of the crutches next to each other, both crutches should be the same height after installation.


What should I expect the learning curve to be after installing my new MTip crutch tips? How long will it take me to get used to the MTip crutch tips?

The learning curve varies from user to user and depends on a user’s disability and crutch walking pattern. However, generally users who have been using regular crutch tips for a while (months to years) report a learning curve of about a day or two. Once the user is used to the enhanced dynamics and traction control of the MTip crutch tip the properties become a normal part of their crutch walking.

Will the MTip crutch tips work well with my specific crutch walking gait pattern?

We understand that crutch walking patterns vary depending on disability, personal preferences, walking situation, or walking environment. The MTip crutch tips were designed and engineered with all walking styles in mind.

Which way do I orient my MTip crutch tip, with the thicker part forward or the thicker part backward?

This is subjective to the user, their disability, and walking environment. Try out both directions and see which orientation works best for you, but users have reported that the ability to accelerate uphill and decelerate going down hill, if the tip is turned around can be very beneficial in steeper hills situations! Always make sure that the MTip crutch tip is aligned in the direction of pivoting movement. That is, the flat part of the MTip is parallel to the pivoting motion.

My MTip crutch tip's orientation slowly drifts inward or outward over time. What can I do to about it?

This may happen over time depending on the type of crutches you are using. The MTip crutch tip will have a slightly looser grip on skinnier crutches. A simple work-around to tighten the cruttch tip-to-crutch grip is to wrap electrical tape around the part of the crutch that holds the crutch tip. This little trick will make the crutch itself thicker, tightening the crutch-to-MTip grip.

Orders, Returns, and Shipping

What can I do if I do not like my new MTip crutch tips or if I have an issue with them?

If you are not satisfied with the MTip crutch tips in any way or for any reason, you are entitled to a full refund. You are entitled to a full refund within the first 30 days of the MTip crutch tips arriving in the mail.

We are a large institution, athletic department, sports team, clinic, or health center interested in using the MTip crutch tip for our research, clients, athletes, or patients. How do we contact you regarding this?

We are glad you are considering the MTip crutch tips. Please navigate to our Contact Us page and send us an email or give us a call and we can discuss.

Will my insurance cover the cost of my MTip crutch tips?

Currently, we do not support insurance claims, but if you have previously received insurance support for your crutch tips, you can make a claim for your purchase of the MTip crutch tips

Does the MTip crutch tip ship internationally?

Currently we are only shipping to those in the United States. If you are interested in purchasing a pair of MTip crutch tips and you live outside of the United States, please contact us directly under our contact page.

After purchase, when should I expect to receive my MTip crutch tips?

We strive to offer the most convenient shipping as possible. If you order your crutch tips before 10 am, they should ship the same day. Standard shipping is first class mail which should arrive within two days