Clayton's MTip Crutch Tip Experience

Clayton is a graduate student in computer science who uses the MTip crutch tip to make his four-point crutch walking pattern more efficient.

Jonathan's MTip Crutch Tip Experience

Dr. Jonathan Gaines is a university professor in mechanical engineering who relies on crutches while teaching his students about robotics.

Nikki Bradley

Climbing the Sturrall Ridge with the MTip crutch tips. The ultimate test of trust and traction.

Kyle L. - Physical Therapist -Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital

“The tips seem to provide better traction across various surfaces, including those that are wet... Users expend less energy and the tips provide good assistance when ascending hills and traveling long distances. I also like that the tips don’t assist with the forward motion until you commit to a step.”

Becky W.- Minnesota

“They (the crutch tips) came today and they are awesome! Completely different design than a typical crutch tip, sturdier, better traction and wears so much better than a traditional tip!”

Anne M. - Pennsylvania

“In the assistive position, they really help to propel you forward. I liken it to the carbon fiber in my daughter's Phat brace the way it propels you forward. Really, an awesome idea and a great product! I have two friends who both have a child that uses forearm crutches. I'm recommending that they try the MTip.” 

Mary M.- North Carolina

"Thank you so much for the delivery of such wonderful crutch tips! The new design has made it possible for me, at 71, to use crutches now with confidence, whereas before I felt so very insecure and unstable. Before having these tips I always felt as though I was about to fall backward or forwards (I actually did fall on a couple of occasions) and not in control of my own speed. The "rocker tips" (I call them) add softness and smoothness to my gait thus allowing for more distance between gaits. Also, switching the direction of the tips on the crutches makes going uphill and downhill a cinch.

Thanks again!"

Sarah C.- Obstacle Course Racer - Massachusetts

 "...they seem to have much better traction than standard tips, on a number of surfaces! I like traction. I like the fact that they can be used arrow front or back, as decided by the user." "My Pain Management Dr. Calls them my 4x4's because of the traction they have!"

Rick H. - Delaware

"Nobody wanted to give them back  ; -- ) They all felt your tips would be great for every day and for off-road use.

The first time I tried one on my cane I liked it and adjusted quickly.  But the throat of the tip is slightly larger than you’re off-the-shelf drug-store aluminum cane.  So I put a few wraps of electrician’s tape around the cane shaft for a better fit.  I like it.

And my wife uses one forearm crutch. She loves it too. Says she feels a real reduction in energy expenditure - that the rocking motion makes the recovery and transition to next step a little easier. She won’t give it up either  : -- ) "

Kevin B. - Lower Leg AFO / Crutch User - New Jersey

"Torrential downpour and @moterum.crutch.tip kept me feeling more sturdy and confident walking, even with the wear and tear that I've put on the tips!"

Tim S. – Temp. Crutch User – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

“Stoked on them so far, should be able to get out of the house and really test them today!” “They grip pretty well on the sheet of ice in my driveway!”