MTip Crutch Tip - Performance Tip (Pair)

MTip Crutch Tip - Performance Tip (Pair)

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Performance MTip Crutch Tip

The Performance MTip crutch tips are the perfect responsive complement for your on-the-go lifestyle. With a rolling motion, the MTip crutch tip provides constant assistive force by redirecting your own weight. The Performance MTip crutch tips are more dense than the Comfort MTip crutch tips and are truly one of a kind and versatile enough to keep up with the most active lifestyle!

 • Rolling motion allows assistive force by redirecting your weight
 • Denser than Comfort crunch tips
 • Versatile for active lifestyles & outdoor activities

About the MTip Crutch Tip

Function beautifully through any terrain that life may take you. Whether you need to navigate through sand, rain, or snow—your MTip crutch tips have the power to get you through wherever you need to go. The MTip crutch tip is an enhanced crutch tip designed with superior traction that increases the efficiency, stability, and safety of walking with crutches.

With a rolling motion, the MTip crutch tip provides multiple points of traction and allows a crutch user to use their own weight in an assisting motion. We are changing the way people are walking on crutches. 

The MTip crutch tip was designed, tested, and manufactured with all users in mind. Everyone, whether a long or short-term crutch user, stands to benefit from the MTip crutch tip's assistive and stabilizing forces.

One Revolutionary Product, Dual Purposes

The proprietary shape of the MTip crutch tip was developed out of a gait analysis laboratory and can be used to encourage a complimentary assistive motion to increase one’s efficiency or used in the reverse orientation to increase stability and control.

Although the MTip crutch tip is traditionally used with the treaded arrows facing forward, switching the MTip crutch tip into its reverse orientation increases the stability and motion control at a user’s discretion—making walking down stairs and hills easier than ever.

About the Product:
  • Backed by scientific gait analyses leading to increased efficiency of crutch walking.
  • Complements assistive motion to increase efficiency or increase stability.
  • Aggressive and reliable traction on many surfaces while on crutches.
  • Extremely Durable for Prolonged crutch tip life.
  • Unique shape promotes ergonomic, assistive, fluid movement.
  • Fits all standard crutches with a lower tube diameter of 3/4" (1.9 cm.) to 7/8" (2.2 cm). Designed for 99% of crutches, canes, or standard tube mobility devices.
  • Tips are made of all natural rubber to increase traction.
  • Weight per tip 222g.