The Origin of MTip

The Moterum MTip crutch tip arose from systematic university research, innovative intuition, broad market research, and insightful interactions with numerous real individuals that rely on their crutch.
The backbone science and method to exactly predict the effective dynamics of the MTip were serendipitously discovered by a graduate student in the biomechanical and mechanical laboratories of the University of South Florida in Tampa Florida in an attempt to accurately predict and optimize the shape of a non-uniform rolling object.
What started as a biomechanical and mechanical engineering equation breakthrough has become the backbone science behind what elegantly powers the MTip. The shape of the crutch tip directly leads to more efficient movement, controlled uphill ascent and downhill descent, and greater traction. All of these benefits lead to you experiencing less shoulder pain, the ability to go up and down hills at your own speed, and less falling.
We understand that crutch users vary with each disability, walking pattern, walking environments, and personal preferences; this is why we created the MTip with all the various crutch users in mind. We have spoken to more than one hundred crutch users with all sorts of walking patterns, age groups, injuries, and disabilities. We found that they all had common issues with their axillary and forearm crutches arising from the use of their current crutch tips; they constantly had to buy new crutch tips and also experienced sore shoulders, repeated slips and falls, and discomfort on wet surfaces. Walking with crutches was rarely a joyful experience, to say the least.
If crutch tips are like shoes, most crutch users are still using flip flops that must be replaced every month or so. We decided that we wanted to create a crutch tip that offered the best experience for all users: amputees, patients with Cerebral Palsy, recovering spinal cord injury patients, athletes nursing a broken foot, and much more. Using our core scientific breakthroughs, we have created the premier experience for crutch users in a sleek crutch tip package. 
We are tired of the baseless claims and marketing schemes that we heard about from many of the crutch users to which we spoke. Many crutch users actively sought the research behind the products they were previously using, but they rarely found anything to substantiate these groundless claims. We are applying our proven, data-driven, advanced science to make your life better, whether that means recovering faster, giving you a more comfortable walkabout, or going to places you could not reach before…We don’t just say it, but will show you!
We also have learned that our users discover new activities and ways to use the MTips that we never even considered. Clayton in Florida told us that it helps him transition from sitting to standing far easier because he can transfer his weight from his legs to his arms much more effectively. He also mentioned that he could use his MTips to hook his backpack to bring it closer to him.
While we did not think about everything that is possible while using MTip crutch tips, it’s creative and curious customers like Clayton in Florida that remind us of the value that our product has the potential to create… and we want to see what you will come up with next!
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- MTip Team

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